There is no ordinary day in our public schools. Great things are happening but often go unnoticed. Extraordinary teaching and learning and acts of heroism take place during every hour, every day, every year. The Stand Up campaign provides the public with a more accurate and thorough perspective of public education by capturing the ordinary, yet extraordinary activities and the dauntless and bold actions of educators – teachers, administrators, superintendents, and school board members – that help prepare students for the future. The campaign highlights the creativity that is prevalent in our public schools, which produces unique and amazing activities and outcomes every day. It reveals the true teaching and learning in public schools and it provides a means for people to demonstrate support for their schools. The day-in-the-life-of our public schools is inspirational. The teaching and learning that takes place demonstrates that no day in a public school is “typical.” Indeed, every day is a special day.


Creativity is prevalent in our public schools, and it produces unique and amazing activities and outcomes every day. The extraordinary teaching and learning in our neighborhood schools is grounded in innovative programs in communities, from the smallest to the largest school districts. Our public schools have achieved historic high graduation rates at the same time we have the most rigorous academic requirements and, today, 80 percent of graduates go on to two- or four-year colleges and universities and more students are prepared to enter the workforce. And, public schools often go beyond academics by providing food, clothing, health care and more services. They offer GED classes and career and technical training. They welcome all children and people who want an education. Public schools are the path to a fulfilling life and these programs are just some of the great work. The vast majority of Americans believe public education is the great equalizer and that it provides them with the ability to control their own destiny. The long history of public schools proves that they are right.


The success of our neighborhood public schools is grounded in the people who support them. Teachers, administrators, superintendents, parent volunteers, school board members and people throughout the community take extraordinary actions to make a difference in students' lives. Our public schools educate nine of every 10 students more than 50 million students and they have helped prepare artists, educators, engineers, health care practitioners, journalists, law enforcement officers, leaders in business and technology, scientists and people in the full array of professions for life. The Difference Makers' commitment to their students have lifted generations of people out of poverty and from middle to higher income. They have helped a child who speaks little English learn to read and a enabled a child with dyslexia to improve their comprehension on a reading test. Multiply these successes, these victories, by the millions, and you have a rich, thorough and true picture of what public education is accomplishing every hour, every day, every year.


Vibrant public schools are essential to the economic, civic and social health of the U.S. and they need your support to continue to do great work.

We thank everyone who Stands Up 4 Public Schools.

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