Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD), Texas, knows that to improve all student outcomes, school boards and superintendents must work together on a united front. The 86,000- student district has made building their work around educational equity a focal point in their schools.

The district decided to reallocate resources and personnel to tackle the five most underperforming schools within the district. Board members and school administration tasked the highest-performing educators in the district to teach and lead at these schools, which were reconstituted as “leadership academies.” The schools also run on strong culture and high expectations, with schools running until 6 p.m. to offer more extracurricular activities, tutoring, and instructional time. “Our goal is to boldly go as far as we can so that every child is served,” says Board Chair Tobi Jackson. “We’re working for all children.”

In addition to improving student academic performance, Fort Worth ISD also created a Division of Equity and Excellence to align with its mission statement of ensuring that all students are prepared for higher education and career and community leadership.
“We wanted to ensure that we were both raising the ceiling and raising the floor in servicing students who had historically been underserved,” says Superintendent Kent Scribner.

Read more about this extraordinary district that’s a winner of the 2018 CUBE Award for Urban School Board Excellence, in the October 2018 issue of ASBJ at